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***Available only in french, english version will arrive later in 2017***

Do you manage your informations in any spreadsheet software or in heavy managing software?

Would you like to still have the flexibility of a spreadsheet software but the intelligence of an application?

This application will let you:

  1. Class your employees information.

  2. Regroup tasks and functions.

  3. Follow and plan formations and refresh in one clic.

  4. Print presence sheet.

  5. Class IT group access.


  1. Information organisation.

  2. Management time optimisation.

  3. Easy and ultra fast access to information.

  4. Keeps same flexibility than your current files you work with.

  5. Can easily be shared on any shared location.

  6. More than one user at a time without having any «Read only» popup.

  7. Easily customizable with your needs.

  8. Only one paiement, no regular fees, no updates, no accounts.

  9. Data easily exportable.


Solutions HEXcode, S.E.N.C.

Mentions légales.

NEQ 3366003641

Minimum requirements

  1. Operating System Microsoft Windows XP or earlier version

  2. Installation of the free application MS Access Runtime 2010 or 2013.

  3. If you already own MS Office complete suite with MS Access 2010 or earlier, you don’t need to install anything.

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Employee Manager

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